Man Makes A Bold Move To Save A Cat’s Life

Curiosity gladly didn’t kill the cat at the center of this hair-raising story – but it did motivate this guy to risk his life on the kitty’s behalf.

This week, Jeff Powell spotted a shocking scene unfolding from out the window of his Toronto apartment. In a building just across the way, about 12 floors up, he saw two men looking a bit worried. From his point of view, Powell guessed that they were looking for their cat. The Toronto man said he was speechless when he witnessed someone traverse the side of a high-rise condo building to save a cat.

It turns out that the kitty somehow knew a way to get to their neighbor’s balcony – and they desperately wanted her back.

The next thing that Powell saw was something that he couldn’t believe:

This bold man couldn’t wait to walk trough the neighbor’s apartment, so he took the riskier route despite the fact that one misstep may end his life.

As you can see in the video, he lifts himself over the rail of the balcony . After that the man is seen walking across the ledge and leaning over the rail to grab the cat before walking back, holding the cat with both hands in front of him.

However, the guy looked quite chill during the whole situation.

And of course, everything went just fine.

Toronto police said they are aware of the video but saw nothing criminal about the incident. Police are, however, warning residents against taking such actions in the future.

Sadly, Powell’s video didn’t gave answers to all our questions like: Who is that man? Why didn’t he knock on their neighbor’s door? What was he thinking?!

But, in the end one thing we know for sure – he loves his cat unconditionally.