17 Reasons Why There Is NO Difference Between Having A Dog and Having a Child

  1. Dogs don’t take “NO” for an answer.

2. They (resentfully) let you dress them.

3. When you don’t let them do something they want, they get angry.

4. Don’t be scared to leave them alone, they can entertain themselves for hours.

5. They’ll wake you up in 2 a.m. to let you know they threw up.

6. They try to look their very best on Picture Day.

7. They hold your hand while crossing the street.

8. Locking you outside of your car seems to be fun.

9. And sometimes, they can be very clumsy.

10. They like it when you give them a goodnight kiss and tuck them into bed.

11. The Barbie Jeep belongs only to them.

12. Their meal is specially prepared for them.

13. Big Kids Table – what is that?

14. Disney movies are their favorite.

15. They make a cute face when they’re in trouble.

16. At the end of the day they are always happy to see you.

17. They are always there to make you feel better because they love you endlessly.