The World Goes Furious After Kim Kardashian’s Photo With Elephants

Not long ago, America’s reality star, Kim Kardashian posted an Instagram pic from her trip to Bali, where she visited a “shelter” full of elephants. As you can see in the photos, she stands next to the elephant fearlessly, wrapped up in his trunk. Sadly, the situation it’s not that wonderful as it looks.

Her photos show that the place she has been to it’s not a shelter at all. In the first photo, the man, who looks like he is working there, is riding the elephant – not something real shelters do. Riding an elephant can be extremely harmful. Elephants are separated from their mothers, starved, beaten and tied with chains, so tourists can take pictures with them. This is not human at all – we should urge ourselves to stop this kind of torture and make things better. A shelter is a place, where animals are protected and kept far from any danger.

It looks like the man holds some kind of a hook to poke the elephant, forcing him or her to stand still, while Kim and her husband, Kanye West take a picture for their fans.

Apparently, Kim doesn’t realize that by posting those photos she sends a wrong message to everyone on the social media – but that’s not OK.

As it turns out, the Kardashian family revealed that they visited a place called Mason Adventures in Bali, which actually has an elephant park and not a shelter. This company invites tourists to be part of multiple adventures, including elephant riding trough the jungle.

Many people wish they could travel to Asia and see this beautiful creatures, but Mason Adventures it’s not a place where elephants feel free. Elephant Nature Park and Boon Lott’s Elephant Sanctuary are shelters, where elephants are protected and cared for, and everyone should see them just the way they are meant to be seen – healthy, happy and free.

Many don’t realize how harmful and inhuman it is to ride an elephant. Celebrities are the ones, who should raise awareness rather than spreading false information. Let’s hope Kim Kardashian knows where to go to interact with elephants next time.