See These Pets’ Hilarious Reactions While They’re Out For A Ride

Dogs, cats and babies are a bit unpredictable when it comes to riding in the car. Some of them love going for a ride, but others are not that happy.

Just take a look at this sweet French bulldog puppy, Bosley. He doesn’t want to go anywhere, especially with a car and he wants everyone to know that.

Unfortunately, Bosley can’t speak, so no one will know what was the reason he was so upset about. Maybe it was because of his little car seat. Maybe the trip was too long. However, he wanted everyone to know that he didn’t want to be in the car that day. Thanks to his owner, who managed to capture all on video.

Bosley was not the only French bulldog in the car.

His sister Beatrice was also with him in the car. But it looks like she didn’t have a problem with her being in the car and going for a ride.

Of course, some dogs have the opposite problem: they love riding in the car, they’re not interested in getting out when the ride is over.

In this video, a dog is desperately waiting for her owner to take her for a drive. But, there’s only one problem: he’s not planning on going anywhere.

“Where you wanna go, baby?” asks her owner as he opens the door to reveal the persistent dog. “Daddy’s not going anywhere right now.”

His dog doesn’t want to listen, it doesn’t matter to her.

As you can see, she refuses to get out of the car, hanging back between the seats, hoping her dad will change his mind. He constantly tries to get her to follow him into the house, but she just doesn’t want to. As her owner tries to gently tug on her leash to get her to follow him, he bursts out laughing because he knows it’s useless.

“Come on, go inside,” he says. “We’ll go later. Come on, we’ll go for a ride later, baby. Let’s go inside. What are you going to do, just sit in here? Okay, see you later!”

But, maybe if she keeps ignoring him, he’ll give up and take her for the ride she desperately wants.

On the other hand, when it comes to cats, you can imagine how car rides will go – especially if they’re not in a carrier.

Most of the cats hate car rides and make the interior their personal scratching and climbing post as they meow for help. But, some of them, absolutely love it – though that can be just as difficult to manage. Those who love car rides often sun themselves on the dashboard, climb the seats for a better view, or they can easily get bored, so they try to wind around their owner’s feet (and the gs pedal).

We can’t really tell if this kitty was happy or terrified, but it sure seemed almost frozen in place during its car trip. Though it meowed really loud, most of the time it just sat and stared with a frenzied look on its face.

However, this one, absolutely loves driving around town.

As you can see in the video, it has a special hammock attached to the car window, and it looks like it enjoys being up high and watching the world go by.

Later on, it climbed out to clamber around the boxes in the back of the car, looking out at the street before climbing back up into the hammock. It seemed perfectly content to return to it’s place, just as though it was resting at home.

That cat hammock must be pretty comfortable, because this cat enjoys every single moment.

He opens his eyes just a little bit and then falls Š°sleep immediately without anyone disturbing his snooze. There’s no doubt that this cat found his happy place.

Overall, when it comes to travel, your pets’s reaction will probably depend much more on his or her personality than species. Cats and dogs may be animals, but they have their personal feelings after all. What one likes might not work for others.