This Mama Cat Adopted And Raised Four Baby Squirrels

Meet Pusha: a sweet mama cat who took in a group of newborn squirrels who had no one else in the world!

Pusha lives in Miniature Park in Bakhchysarai, on the southern Crimea peninsula. The park keepers take care of Pusha and many other.

In April 2019, Pusha gave birth to four adorable babies. She loved all her kittens and she immediately proved that she was a good mother.

Shortly after Pusha gave birth, the park keepers found four lonely baby red squirrels. The squirrels hadn’t even opened their eyes yet because they were about a month old.

The park keepers knew that the squirrels were too little and they would not survive if they didn’t have a mother to feed them. So, they decided to see if Pusha would accept them and raise them as if they were her own babies.

The park keepers introduced the squirrels and stayed close by just in case things didn’t go well.

At the beginning the squirrels were afraid of Pusha, but after a while they learned how to trust each other. Then, Pusha started nursing the squirrels along with her kittens.

Unfortunately, she didn’t have enough milk, so the park keepers supplemented with bottles of goat’s milk. That way, all eight babies got the milk they needed.

Pusha gives the squirrels baths just like she does with her own newborns. The squirrels also cuddle with her when they’re napping! They love playing together, and they love climbing onto Pusha’s back.

“It’s a surprising sight considering cats would usually be predators to squirrels in the wild. But Pusha seems to love all her kids equally,” a reporter said in an Inside Edition video.

Also, Pusha’s kittens love playing with their new squirrels siblings, and they love each other unconditionally.

A YouTube video of Pusha and her squirrels went viral, and everyone was amazed by her kindness and love for every single one of them.

“This cat has a better heart than most people in the world,” one YouTube commenter wrote.

Pusha loves her family and she gives them warm hugs every day, because mother’s love is the most unconditional and purest form of love.