More Than 300 Cats Found In A Tiny Apartment In Toronto

For over seven years, Toronto Animal Services received complaints about an apartment in a high-rise building in Toronto. Neighbors said that there was an unbearable and awful smell, even from the hallway. Finally, in May 2019, Toronto Animal Services went to check out the apartment and they were shocked by what they found.

Hundreds of cats running around into the small, two-bedroom apartment.

The women who was the owner of the apartment suffered from a severe hoarding disorder. It took a whole day for animal services workers to count the cats. By the end of the day, they realized there were more than 300 cats in this small apartment.

Because this group of cats was too much to handle The Toronto Animal Services called a few different animal rescue groups in the area, including Toronto Cat Rescue.

“It was a very difficult place to spend any time,” said Belinda Vandersluis, executive director of Toronto Cat Rescue. “The smell was overwhelming and it was just an overwhelming place to be – besides the fact that there were 300 casts there.”

All the rescue groups that were there took some of the cats back to their shelters with them. Toronto Cat rescue took 70 cats with them.

A team of vets checked out the cats and they found out that most of the cats were healthy. Some of them had fleas or parasites, which was amazing considering where they came from. Also, they were surprisingly social and friendly – it was clear that they had been loved.

“These cats are surprisingly social. They are fine with humans, and many are craving attention and snuggles. We won’t need to place cats in barn program. Our foster homes are amazing at socializing and caring for cats of all sorts,” said Vandersluis.

There were a lot f cats who were pregnant, with some due to give birth just a few days after the rescue. Now, they will be able to give birth in a safe and clean place.

After the vets did some check ups on the cats, Toronto Cat Rescue started finding them families who will adopt them. The cats were so excited to go to their new homes, places where they will get more attention and love than they’ve ever gotten in their lives.

All of the cats have been spayed or neutered, and they’ve gotten vaccinated. So now, they are ready to get adopted.

Let’s hope the woman who was taking care of the cats gets the help she needs. Also, she doesn’t have to worry about them because every single cat is getting its own home and care.

“They’re playing, eating, they don’t have fleas or worms and they don’t have medical or dental issues,” said Vandersluis.

When rescuers walked into this apartment, they could have never guessed what they would find. But now, these cats are all on the road to recovery and will soon be going to their forever homes!