10 Hilarious Photos Of Pets That Will Make Your Day Better

Dogs or cats? No mater what your answer is you probably have expectations when you’re buying or adopting a pet. It is proved that pets are good for our health, they are natural de-stressers, they are historically known for wanting to protect their owners because they see them as family, or simply said they change our lives. However, they are still animals, and some of their actions we found them pretty funny.

Hera are the most hilarious photos taken of some of our babies with their strange high jinks, and be warned: the results are lovely.

  1. “This watermelon is mine

2. “What?! I thought you said sit!

3. “Ever since my boss got a new puppy, this two have been fighting to get attention.”

4. “Ooh…what is that shiny thing?”

5. “Left my husky alone for some time, and I come back to this.”

6. “How did I not know about this jean-ius place before?”

7. “I thought I had peace for once in my life, bud this guy actually couldn’t stop following me.”

8. “Yes, human. Hi. I need to take this thing off of my face and I think I need your help.”

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He got himself stuck

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9. “What? I’m just playing. There’s nothing wrong with that, right?”

10. “Don’t look at me like that, get him off of me!”