Herders Of Finland Paint Reindeers’ Horns Just To Keep Drivers Safe

Can you imagine Rudolph with a shiny nose and glowing horns. Well, that’s exactly what you would find if you traveled to Rovaniemi in the Finish Lapland. Maybe this sounds strange to you, but not only do these shiny reindeer have luminescent paint on them for the sake of having a magical Christmas – their glowing horns actually save lives.

Join us on our trip to one of the most northern territories to find out why these big deer are so brilliant.

Everyone calls it “Santa’s home”, and if you visit the Finnish region of Lapland one day, you will understand why. The landscape is always packed with snow and herds of reindeer. But there’s only one problem. It is only possible to meet one while you’re in your car, and one of you might get hurt.

The issue is bigger than you think it is.

Not long ago, there were over 11 accidents per day involving reindeer, and the Finnish Lapland authorities had one major problem to solve. This unlucky events result in either the reindeer or the person involved getting wounded, or even worse. Considering the government’s compensation, herders still lose their animals and what is worse, drivers have to visit the mechanic. There are just simply too many consequences for this unavoidable disaster.

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Anne Ollila, the director of Finland’s Reindeer Herders’ Association and a herder herself decided to use the glowing light in her favor. One day, she came up with an idea that would make reindeer stand out from the highway. Just like a biker’s vest would light up to avoid victims, Anne and her team covered the deers’ horns, some parts of their skin, and fur with luminescent paint that shined so bright in the dark when spotted by a car’s lights.

The plan that passed the test

Before they came up with this idea they made a lot of efforts to lower the number of accidents by putting reflectors on the animals’ collars, which was a wast of time. Reflector lights fooled the drivers, confusing them into believing a deer was just a car going the same direction they were and most of them didn’t stop. But thanks to Anne and her colleagues road safety is now improving.

However, this project is still in progress but it is absolutely the best way to control the accidents. The corporation is also dealing with an application to complement the luminescent spray’s strategies. It turns out that conscientious drivers, painted horns and advanced software could be the possible solution for safer roads for both people and reindeer.

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