‘Frozen’ Squirrel Gets To Live Again Thanks To This Teenage Boys Who Saved Him

Not long ago, two teenage friends were hanging out in downtown St. Andrews in New Brunswick, Canada, when they saw a crowd of people standing around a vehicle. Because of their curiosity, they went over to find out what was going on. Believe it or not, underneath the car was a squirrel desperately looking for help. But when the little animal showed up, the teens were shocked to realize that he looked completely nothing like a squirrel.

Unfortunately, the squirrel had become covered in foam insulation, the same one that is used to patch up holes in the home. It somehow ran through the material while it was still wet, and once it dried all over him, the poor little thing could barely move.

The two teenagers, Jaydon Pettipas and Aidan Hart knew that if they didn’t do something, the squirrel would not survive. They immediately ran inside a grocery store and got a milk crate to put the squirrel in, then quickly called some of their friends and family to get advice on what to do.

“After calling a few people for help, one of the boys’ moms finally called me at the vet clinic,” said Dr. Melanie Eagan, owner of the St. George Veterinary Clinic.

After talking to the vet on the phone, the boys drove over 21 miles to the St. George Veterinary Clinic to drop off the squirrel, hoping that Dr. Eagan could save his life. When the vet saw the helpless creature she took the job into her own hands.

“He could hardly move and, really, I’m amazed he was still alive – the foam was blocking off most of his mouth and nostrils,” said Eagan. “He could move his back legs just a bit, but the rest of his body was literally cemented into place.”

The vet seated the injured squirrel and used rubbing alcohol and a flea comb so she could easily get all of the foam insulation off his tiny body. Then finally, all of her efforts paid off!

“It took about an hour,” explained Eagan. “there were some patches of fur gone and some abrasions on his skin, but in the end he didn’t look too bad!”

Knowing the fact that the squirrel was in a really bad condition, Eagan was just amazed that she was actually able to save his life. The poor squirrel exhausted and scared at the same time, snuggled up and immediately went to sleep. But despite everything that happened Eagan decided to stay at the clinic and watch over him.

After a few hours of good sleep, the squirrel woke up and clearly he was feeling much better. He went through some checkups which proved that he was ready to be released back into the wild. Eagan was overjoyed to see how happy he was to be healthy and free again.

“He was pretty excited to get out of the clinic and up a tree,” said Eagan. “If it hadn’t been for those teenage boys, he would not have lived.”