Abandoned Dog Found Tied To A Fence With An Emotional Note Next To Him

One month ago, staffers at the Villalobos Rescue Center (VRC) encountered a really heartbreaking situation. On a New Orleans property was a young pit bull, tied to a fence. As the staffers approached the nervous dog, he got so scared. His leg has already been wrapped up in his leash, which was cutting off circulation to the limb. But trying to release the dog was not that easy.

“This dog is tangled and not really letting us approach him,” said one of the rescuers. “We have to figure out how we’re going to do this without getting hurt.”

Also, next to the tied dog was a plastic shopping bag full of his belongings. When the rescuers opened the bag, inside they found a handwritten message which broke their hearts all over again.

“Meet Rock,” the note reads. “I can’t keep him no more due to personal problems with a family. He has been isolated in my room his whole life as my parents didn’t want him out of the room and on top of that, the landlord didn’t want dogs here. He’s one year and four months and never had human interaction besides my family so please build his human interactions.”

“Once you get to know him, he’s the sweetest dog you’ll know,” the note continued. “He is pet-friendly but can be nervous around people. Please take your time with him and give him a better home. I will always donate as much as I can for the wishlist…he is up-to-date with his shots.”

Because the rescuers had already so many unwanted dogs, they were not sure if there was enough room for one more – especially one full of fear and anxiety.

So they posted the video on Facebook, hoping someone will help and adopt the frightened dog.

“Honestly, we didn’t hold out too much hope for this dog especially now being in a shelter environment,” wrote VRC on Facebook. “We did not have the means to put this dog anywhere else so that he could decompress and acclimate to the outside world around him. He would not let any of us near him.”

Luckily, the owner’s brother saw the post on Facebook and immediately went to the rescue center. “He was overwhelmed with grief,” wrote VRC. “He had known this ‘Rocky since he was a puppy and since he no longer lived with his family, he had assumed all was well with the dog.”

The staffers were dubious weather to release the problematic dog or not, but seeing his brother again everything changed. The dog instantly went from terrified to hilariously happy giving his new daddy millions of kisses and waiting for his belly rubs.

Here is their heartwarming reunion.

Rocky is enjoying his life right now, thanks to his new owner who is always by his side helping him adapt to the world. Being far from the prison life he had, Rocky can finally live as a pet that is loved by it’s family.

“You’re back home,” says Rocky’s new owner. “You’re home.”